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I'm very pleased and satisfied. My prosthetic is very light. This company is very caring . They always answer when I call. Dre and Darrell are wonderful . This is the first time I can actually walk on my own with my prosthesis. I highly recommend them.

Mary C.


Im very happy with their services. They traveled to my home and done a great job.

Charlie A.


This company has been wonderful to me. They travel to New Orleans and see me. They always answer the phone. If you are a amputee contact them.

Randy H.


I'm a big man 6'3" 300 lbs my stump has shrunk so much my tibula bone has protuded significantly out of my right leg since getting it amputated 3/25/20. Dre has worked diligently on casting and producing the perfect solution to absorb not only the pain but the chance for a wound that has developed on the bone over 2years. I haven't been the most patient patient to work with but Dre and his staff took it all in stride and came up with the best prosthetic they could.I understand it will always be changing and probably be painful but knowing I have Dre and OPS taking care of it I'm in the right hands. Not only Dre and his techs but his office staff is just as reassuring.Last year I had the opportunity to spend the entire day at their office and it was 1of the most gratifying days I've spent not only since my amputation but in my entire life!

Kenny L.


Ive been to two other companies in BR. They caused a wound due to poor aligment and ill fitting socket. OPS comes to me anytime i need them. They fixed my wounds and now im pain free. They are the best.

Eric H.